Want a really great Tux for a really great price?

We have over 2,500 formal wear tuxedos available in a variety of styles and colours.

Our tuxedos are rental return tux’s that are in like new condition. We carry some of the highest quality brand name tuxedos – at discounted prices.

Tuxedo Colours

We have a wide section of colours available. Colours include: Black, shades of blues, grey’s, off whites and whites.

All but white tuxedos are priced at just $125 for the set or $80 for the jacket only. For just $125 dollars you own your tuxedo (jacket and pants). All this at less than the cost to rent.

NEW tuxedos priced at just $210 for the set or $150 for the jacket only.

We also have a large selection of discount-priced cumberbuns, vests, ties, bow ties, poufs, canes, top hats in both black and white, themed tuxedos, tail coats, waist coats, children’s tuxedos.

Need shoes or a shirt?

We carry tuxedo shoes and shirts for $25 each. White shirts start at just $17.50. Visit our store to browse a wide selection of shoes and shirts.

Appointments are not required, however if you have a large party, appointments are recommended to ensure we are able to give you the time needed to properly assist you. Drop by today and Emily, Jesly, Cindy, Lisa or Irma will help you.
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If you are looking for a bargain (and these days who isn’t) for yourself, family or the bridal party, you'll find the right formal wear for all occasions at Action Liquidators.